Admittedly, I've already worked on Izabel's concept back in 2017 when the Gunwitches concept was originally called Gunrayvers and was supposed to be for a comic I wanted to make at the time but ultimately didn't.

Izabel's original look (2017)

Since then, the Gunwitches concept has evolved and so has her design - though a lot of her original elements have been retained.

The Drone Witch Izabel (2021)

Izabel leads the small squad of Gunwitches in battle, using her drone orbs - an experimental witchtech weapon - to support tactical maneuvers by transforming them into different types of turrets on the battlefield. She is a careful planner and highly dislikes acting without sufficient information.

Design-wise, her overall theme is inspired by modern-day techwear, infused with some "witchy" or traditional elements. In her case, this would include the spiderweb-like pattern on her black top, the rouleau buttons on her shirt, and the use of traditional belt buckles rather than the more modern side release buckles for her jacket pockets and boots.

Next week: I'll work on some concept art for the turrets she summons and delve into making VFX for them.