Round and round they go!

I didn't get as much as I'd like done this week, but still, at least I managed to get her drone orbs done. I was also working on the morph from orb to turret mode, but it didn't really look so great. To be fair, this week I've been quite busy with work and I think I may have been a bit more ambitious with what I planned to complete this week.

I also did manage to fix some of the broken code so all abilities are working as intended.

Next week: I'm thinking of taking a different approach to how the orb morphs into a turret, so I'll be looking into how to achieve that effect. After that, I'd like to complete the animations for the orb being sent out to form a turret, and the turret returning to orb form whenever it gets destroyed. Since there are only 3 orbs, Izabel can only have a maximum of 3 turrets placed on the battlefield at any one time. Going past this limit will cause the oldest turret to return to orb form to be used for the next turret.